Helped my Daughter get her car towed after it was hit. They did a great job and offered information on places that did excellent Body Work.

    thumb Melody H.

      I'm giving this place one star for this one encounter I had with this place.

    To summarize the story, I had a friend with two flat tires who needed help. Because I had AAA, I went out to help them by calling in a tow for them.

    Guy didn't take long to get out and was fairly fast at getting the car into the bed if the truck. It wasn't until we found out what was wrong with the tires that things went astray.

    Because the valve pins were missing, the driver told us to go buy some at a local o Riley's as it was an easy fix.

    So after some time of visiting two o Riley's because the first one didn't have it, we come back and get the new pins in. At this point, this is where I suspect that my major problem with this company and driver happened.

    While away, the driver took and stole and air pods attached the key chain we left with him. Now, I'm retrospect we should of definitely thought to take the air pods with us but when you got two flat tires, have some semblance of hope with Your car and it's late at night, you ain't thinking about every detail so clearly.

    When we got back hit installed the pins, gave the keys, and then charged me for the pins. Though it was a whole banter because he only wanted to charge me cash, and didn't offer me a receipt, that wasn't  the true problem.

    The next day, that's when we found out the air pods where gone. In the hear of the moment and the excitement that we could finally end the night after at least two hours with the Flat tires and store hopping, we didn't notice the air pods gone.

    Because this company is contracted with AAA,  I went ahead and made a claim with them because that POS stole the air pods. After calling it in on Friday, Steve from this company called me to ask a few  questions about the situation.

    After complying, he said he would call me back and  get the issue resolved. Because it was around 1pm when he called, I thought to call back around 8pm because I never received a call.

    He wasn't there so I called again the next day twice asking for him to know where we were with the situation but he kept avoiding my calls and never responded to any of my messages.

    His lack of professionalism in this was frustrating as all I wanted were answer. When I thought his professionalism was at a low already, he sent  a cold email explaining that “this scenario we will be declining any responsibility's for air pods”.

    This cold,, poorly written email shows me that this place not only lacks professionalism but any decent courtesy. I would not recommend using their services as there are at least two POS people working there.

    thumb Edwin V.

      Wednesday morning my car wouldn't start so I had to call aaa and they sent a driver from this company. Altarik was so fast and professional!! He called to let me know he was close and showed up within ten-fifteen minutes! He was very very fast, barely took five minutes to get the car ready to go, even in a cramped alley. Driving to the mechanic he was really pleasant too and drove really carefully which I really appreciate. All in all really great experience from a crappy situation. Thank you so much for saving me and my car Altarik!! 110% recommend.

    thumb Cassie W.

      I use Angelos through AAA and they are the best! They call to let me know  they're en route.  They text. Always friendly helpful professional.

    thumb Rebecca F.

      I called AAA for help with my dead battery and Angelo's arrived in less than 30 min! The technician was extremely helpful, I ended up needing a new battery because mine was about 8 years old, he installed it quickly and securely. He even helped me open my trunk that has been broken shut for months! Great service! Very Friendly and professional!

    thumb Miranda T.

      Haven't had experience with their towing, but was completely CREEPED out by one of their drivers. At about 7am, at the 7 eleven on Division street, a driver from Angelo's cat called me in a really creepy way. It made me feel really fucking uncomfortable, and as a result, I will never call these guys no matter the case. This happened on January 31st, 2020, I took a picture of the vehicle and will be complaining to management.

    thumb Craven B.

      Alaa Gandor is an angel! He towed my car out of a below ground parking garage when no one else would. He smart and very kind!  Angelo's & AAA are very luck to have him.

    thumb Yolanda M.

      Wooowie where they a life saver ! Forgetful me left a doom light on which resulted in a dead Betty of a vehicle. They were punctual and professional ! Switched out my battery and had me on the road within 20 mins ! Thanks so much guys !

    thumb Sophia H.

      HI t a pot hole in Escondido…but needed to drive to Carlsbad.  filled with air and made it to work but the tire was done and I needed a change fast.  Angelo's towing was “Johnny on the Spot.”  I called AAA at 8:15 am, said a driver would be there by 9AM. Well Drive Hasson pulled in by 8:45 ready to go.  Hasson was cordial, friendly, smiled and said all will be okay..i'll you back on the road in no time.”  He was right.
    Super pleased with AAA Angelo's towing but Hasson was the Winner as there was nothing flat about his service.  Thank you so much.

    thumb Jandm P.

      Was stuck on the side of the road. Waited forever for another tow company. Angelo's said they'd be there in 10 minutes and they were. The driver was amazing and, in addition to getting me to a shop that put a new tire on fast and cheap, really helped calm me down. Being stuck on the side of the 94 during rush hour is not fun but I was laughing by the time we got to the tire shop.

    thumb Jennifer G.

      It's probably natural to be a spaz when you are in need of a tow. So it was very nice to have a calm driver to counteract all the anxiety. Our driver last night was on time and patient; he answered all my questioned and saved us quite a bit of time by helping us think through our options.  Very pleased with Angelo's.

    thumb Julie D.

      This is the second time I've dealt with Angelo's. Both times were AAA calls to the house. Both were for dead batteries (different cars). Each time they came, they were incredibly polite, professional and FAST!! Fast diagnosis, fast repair and very very friendly! Also, surprisingly clean for people working in engines all day.

    Thank you Morries for helping me this time!!!

    thumb Joe G.