Definitely the least trained employees I've encountered! My $40,000 vehicle was considered total loss due to a member of AAA slamming into my car during my commute home. AAA sent Angelo's Towing service to pick up my car but I've only spoke with Michelle via phone to set up date and time for pick up. I requested for the driver to personally call me before he arrived so I can meet him at my car to hand him the keys in exchange for documents to prove that Angelo's Towing came on behalf of AAA.
    Unfortunately, no one called me. My car was towed without my presence. I reached out and left numerous messages for Michelle to email an invoice to me but she failed to do her job. The phone greeters and employess were incompetent. They couldn't assist me nor did they even tried. The only answers I ever received were NO NO NO. No one was helpful. Finally, when a AAA agent was able to speak with them 2 weeks later post incident, I now just received an invoice to prove that they came on behalf of AAA. How could anyone trust this company or rely on them for any assistance? I just signed on with AAA for my new auto insurance policy and will definitely not use Angelo's Towing for any future needs.

    thumb Lisa N.

      Car battery died, called AAA they dispatched Angelo's Towing to help me with my car.  Jorge arrived on the scene and introduced himself and began the process.  Jorge was professional, timely and resourceful.  He navigated the situation with precision, conversation and information that allowed for an excellent experience.  Thank you Jorge and Angelo's Towing for a job well done!!

    thumb Chris B.

      Scam company, I ran out of gas and was trying to get my car out of the road. I had no service so a sheriff called it in. I had someone on the way with fuel and was pushing it to the side. This company shows up hooks up and then tell me its gonna be $300. I tried everything I could saying I have AAA  isn't it a different rate, they said because i had no cell service and didn't place the call myself they wouldn't honor AAA pricing. They refused to release the car so I could gas in and leave. I called the manager they agreed to drop the car for $185, I had to get the money together and called back. They said the manager left for the day and left note they I have to pay the full amount and hourly sheriff charges. Needless to say I didn't have all this extra money they were now demanding and they impounded my car.

    thumb Joanna M.

      The worst service I have ever had it told me 45 minutes the driver will be there it's 1: 45 minutes till the driver with a real sour attitude and I figured since I was having the vehicle towed to my house He would not mind if I hitch a ride The guy actually left me out on the side of the freeway told me it's company policy that they can't have customers right in the vehicle or the truck with them I have never heard something so ridiculous in my life

    thumb Atonio L.

      Called AAA after my drivers side wheel broke off my Suburban while driving on a residential street.  Explained to AAA in detail that the wheel had broken off.  AAA sent Angelo's out.  Driver, Arick loaded the truck onto his flatbed.  Contacted dispatch at Angelo's THEN told us that AAA would not cover the tow because, get this……. AAA requires the vehicle to be on 4 wheels!!!  DAFUK!?!?  AAA knew the vehicle was on 3 wheels!  It was about 6pm on a Friday night.  We had 2 choices, tell him to drop the truck or pay to have it towed and dispute it with AAA later.  They charged us $100 to take the truck 2.4 miles.  Meanwhile we called AAA who said they had it clearly notated that the vehicle was on 3 wheels and 4 wheels is not a requirement.  When Arick arrived at the drop location I told him what AAA had said and his reply was "I'm sorry, I'm just doing what I was told".  Felt bad for the kid, isn't his fault his dispatch/management are shady.

    thumb Marya N.

      Had a guy try to road rage me off the 15 on the middle Lane and tailgate me for over 20 minutes before flipping me off from this business.

    Get better operators before they cause you a headache from being stupid.

    thumb Christopher F.

      I used AAA and they sent out a truck from Angelos Towing. The guy immediately started to act skeptical about my car being used for commercial purposes. I showed him my registration that showed it was for personal use and had a prior history of being used as a taxi. The guy insisted that he had to check with his "boss" and make sure. Then, when I asked to speak to the boss, he said he was the boss… just one shady part.

    He also offered to tow me for JUST $250 since AAA wouldn't cover towing commercial vehicles. After all that, he said a dispatcher would be calling me because he thought I was "mad" at him and didn't want to face me himself. I wasted over an hour waiting for the guy, when originally he was supposed to be there at 7:16pm but didn't arrive till 5 minutes to 8pm. AAA apologized for the inconvenience since they didn't know what they were doing over here and sent another tow truck driver. He towed it with ZERO PROBLEMS OR QUESTIONS. Apparently they don't like accepting business or trusting their clients at Angelos.

    Teach your drivers how to read registrations and not waste people's time. I'll never recommend this place to a friend!

    thumb Sasha L.

      If AAA disbatches this company to you, call them back and ask for a different company. Long story short, this company took advantage of a young woman and lied stating that AAA denied the claim, charging $150. When I contacted AAA, they told me there was no such thing. Shame on this company.

    thumb Abby H.

      Angelo's has gotten me out of many pickles, with fast, friendly service. I know I'll get back on the road if I know they're coming!
    Thanks, fellas!

    thumb Elena Luz G.

      I had to reach out to you to share what a GREAT experience I had considering the fact that my battery died. I had to call triple AAA for help on Friday night April 27, 2019 around 10:15pm I was told that it would take about 45 mins. It was about 25 mins that Angelos truck showed up. Gary immediately came over & reassured me that he would get it started. He was not only polite & friendly but conducted himself very professional. I rarely write reviews but when I do come across someone that goes above & beyond it really means alot. Nowadays no one cares about customer service, it seems to be the thing of the past. I commend Angelos Towing for making customer service a priority, Gary is a fine example of that. I hope they know how lucky they are to have him as a employee.

    thumb Claudia F.

      SUPER SHADY. Triple A sent them to tow my car after an accident and the guy they sent was adamant that I have it towed to the Angelos lot because it was 'probably totaled' (it actually wasn't confirmed to be totaled and wasn't damaged that badly). But, since I assumed AAA wasn't dispatching scam artists, I agreed to have it sent there. What he didn't bother to tell me was that it costs almost $400 to store your car in their lot for 2 days. When I complained that I was never told about this, they basically shrugged and said it was my fault because the guy who originally towed it asked if I had auto insurance. First of all I don't remember him asking this. Second of all, I DO have insurance but it turns out it doesn't cover storage fees at a towing place. If he did ask me about insurance, it was a 2 second conversation (while I was clearly disoriented from a CAR ACCIDENT) and it was completely unclear why he was asking in the first place. I didn't have a chance to verify if that would be covered by my insurance or not, nor was I told that if it wasn't covered, I'd have to pay out of pocket to get it out of their lot to avoid paying hundreds of dollars every day it sat there. It was very clearly a ploy to make money from the 'storage fees.'

    Way to go Angelos, for scheming to profit off vulnerable people after they're in car accidents. Like another reviewer said, imagine being shaken from an accident, then essentially having someone trick you so they can profit. They made an already highly stressful situation 1000000 times more stressful than it needed to be and should be ashamed of themselves. I really hope AAA stops partnering with them because they're criminals.

    thumb Lisa T.

      Turned a stressful dead-car day into a breath of fresh air. Thank you for the quick response and even quicker servicereally helped get the day back on track!

    thumb Kristine F.