They said they would be there in thirty minutes, and they were.  They said they would get my car safety to its destination, and they did.  Was a pleasure dealing with Angelo's Towing.

    thumb Darryl G.

      I'm a AAA member and I was provided service my Angelo's Towing company. I was assisted by Zeyad, he provided good customer service and went above and beyond for me and my family. Im giving this company a 5 star rating because of Zeyad. I was stranded with a baby and all female passengers, and he made sure we where safe and acted very professional. He definitely knows what he is doing and he's very good at it. Although it was a Hot summer day, Zeyad got the job done and made our day better.

    thumb D N.

      I live near one of their yards, so I have become used to their inconsiderate ways on the road, but this morning was the worst I have seen. Driver in a truck, license #68535T2, was swerving in and out of traffic, never using a signal. Cut me off, as well as others. I could not believe the most reckless person on the road this morning was someone in a company truck.  

    I would never trust these guys to tow my car, when they can barely drive their own.  I see it every morning, I'm beginning to think they uninstalled the blinkers on all their vehicles and don't check if their drivers have licences. Quite a few others expressing concern with their driving, if you're an AAA you should contact them as well to express your concern with their affiliation with a company like this. Their logo is being represented.

    thumb Robert C.

      I broke down while driving to work this morning. I contacted AAA and they dispatched Angelo's. AAA told me it would be 39 minutes, Angelo's called me and told me they would be there in 20 minutes. The driver called me when he was 1 minute out and he was at my location quicker than the dispatcher had promised. The driver Rene was professional, polite, and very efficient. He was very quick in getting me to the mechanics location.

    thumb Patrice B.

      I'm always happy with these guys. They are quick & efficient. I have AAA roadside assistance & this is the towing company AAA uses in my area. These guys are knowledgeable & i am always satisfied with their service. A+

    thumb Lorenzo E.

      Excellent service from this business. They towed my car and were very polite, professional and punctual. Exceeded expectations. Special thanks to Goldar who was the tow driver and a pleasure to meet. Thanks!

    thumb Justin B.

      Don't tow with these heartless people.
    On Monday we were riding with a group of motorcycles down Coast Highway in Oceanside when one of their towers made an illegal turn into a gas station and proceeded to back up towards the opposite double yellow lane to straighten out in the middle of the highway.
    We were on a Harley Davidson Sportster heading North towards the truck with a green light, me on the back-my partner riding-as the tow truck came to a dead stop in front of us.
    We proceeded to break as we saw the scene, already going under the speed limit, as we came past the light the tow truck and cars were completely stopped abruptly behind it. We were unable to stop, skidding through the tow truck (making it by a hair) and eventually hitting the ground, sliding about 100 feet from our bike.
    We both suffered minor injuries as we limped out of the road, some local moto shop guys who happened to be pumping gas saw the whole thing, came to our aid and proceeded to confront with the already hostile driver, when the first truck called in back-up who jumped out of his truck with a metal pipe for defense.
    I spoke with the "owner" to get information, insurance etc. only to get yelled at over the phone and told it was "our" fault with our final contact of being hung up on.
    My partner is now suffering injuries without the ability to get proper healthcare due to lack of insurance. (not including damage to motorcycle).
    After speaking with local mechanic shops & towers we quickly learned that this business is infamously shady for ripping people off asking for cash up front, dangerous driving, etc.
    These people have zero regards for other human beings and motorcycles on the road, do not tow with them.

    thumb Madison G.

      WORST EVER. Waited 2 1/2 hours for an EMERGENCY CALL since my tire blew out in the middle of the freeway. Then, when the time came for the driver to show up, they show up in a service truck and not a tow truck. Waste of my time.

    thumb Greg H.

      Angelo's Towing is a fast and reliable. They came quickly this morning, carefully loaded my vehicle, drove safely to the repair shop. Their driver is respectful, listens to your concerns and insures that your vehicle is properly strapped to their flatbed tow vehicle for a secure ride.

    thumb Jennifer R.

      Definitely the least trained employees I've encountered! My $40,000 vehicle was considered total loss due to a member of AAA slamming into my car during my commute home. AAA sent Angelo's Towing service to pick up my car but I've only spoke with Michelle via phone to set up date and time for pick up. I requested for the driver to personally call me before he arrived so I can meet him at my car to hand him the keys in exchange for documents to prove that Angelo's Towing came on behalf of AAA.
    Unfortunately, no one called me. My car was towed without my presence. I reached out and left numerous messages for Michelle to email an invoice to me but she failed to do her job. The phone greeters and employess were incompetent. They couldn't assist me nor did they even tried. The only answers I ever received were NO NO NO. No one was helpful. Finally, when a AAA agent was able to speak with them 2 weeks later post incident, I now just received an invoice to prove that they came on behalf of AAA. How could anyone trust this company or rely on them for any assistance? I just signed on with AAA for my new auto insurance policy and will definitely not use Angelo's Towing for any future needs.

    thumb Lisa N.

      Car battery died, called AAA they dispatched Angelo's Towing to help me with my car.  Jorge arrived on the scene and introduced himself and began the process.  Jorge was professional, timely and resourceful.  He navigated the situation with precision, conversation and information that allowed for an excellent experience.  Thank you Jorge and Angelo's Towing for a job well done!!

    thumb Chris B.

      The worst service I have ever had it told me 45 minutes the driver will be there it's 1: 45 minutes till the driver with a real sour attitude and I figured since I was having the vehicle towed to my house He would not mind if I hitch a ride The guy actually left me out on the side of the freeway told me it's company policy that they can't have customers right in the vehicle or the truck with them I have never heard something so ridiculous in my life

    thumb Atonio L.