San Diego Off Road Recovery Services

Many times an accident or vehicle malfunction can lead to a situation where a vehicle gets stuck on the side of the road. In such cases when the vehicle cannot be driven back on road on its own it requires the services of an off road recovery specialist. An off road recovery vehicle can get your car or motorbike back on road easily without damaging the vehicle in any way. Angelo’s Towing is an established company offering off road recovery services. We provide towing services for all types of vehicles and we get your vehicle out of any stuck condition quickly and promptly.

Angelo’s Towing is a preeminent San Diego company and we offer the finest off road recovery services. Our off road recovery vehicle consist of a system with lots of chain and cable combined with 10,000 lbs. hydraulic winch, which can be of great support when recovering a stuck vehicle. We even offer four wheel drive jeep for the a vehicle’s recovery. Our Customer Service Center has a well-trained team of professionals who provide you exceptional services for all your off road recovery requirements.

Our company provides a wide range of services for vehicles like Lockout Services, Fuel Delivery, Tire Repairs/Changes, Motorcycle Towing and loading/unloading vehicles among others. We also have a customized aluminum Flatbed Rollback truck with a low angle to the ground which facilitates loading and unloading of vehicles. Our CA Tow Trucks offer the best user experience when it comes to transportation of vehicles or other equipment.

Angelo’s Towing is the leader in the towing business as we have an experience of more than 16 years. We use the most advanced tools and equipment to provide you highly reliable off road recovery services and other services. Currently, we have a fleet of 18 tow trucks that are available for all kinds of towing services 24/7 throughout the year. For further details on off road recovery services and 24 hours roadside assistance, please browse through our website.