Onsite Tire Repair, Replacment, Changes San Diego

The most annoying and unpleasant experience of driving is when you get a flat tire and you cannot repair it or don’t have a spare tire. In any of these cases you will need a help from an expert to get a tire repair service. Angelo’s Towing is a 24 hour service provider company and we can repair or change the damaged tire in a short span of time.

Based in San Diego, Angelo’s Towing is a premium towing company that offers quick and efficient roadside tire repair services. We have a team of well trained and polite technicians who have complete expertise over all the roadside tire change services we provide. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect the tire and try to find the nail or screw in the tire so that it can possibly be repaired using a tire plug. Then they test the fix by looking for bubbles at the spot of repair to ensure if it has been properly mended. For tires that cannot be repaired we offer roadside tire change services. In case your vehicle doesn’t have a spare tire we can also tow it to the repair shop of your choice for tire repair services.

Angelo’s Towing also provides other services like Medium and Heavy Towing, Flatbed Towing, Battery services, Motorcycle Towing, Jump Starts, Fuel Delivery, Off Road Recovery, Load/Unload Car into/from Truck and lockout services. You can call us in any situation regarding vehicle trouble and we will assist you to the best of our abilities. We hold a vast experience of more than 16 years in this field. All the 18 towing trucks owned by our company can be monitored through satellite and dispatched throughout San Diego and its surrounding cities by its 24/7 customer service center. To know more about tire repair services and other services offered by our firm, please browse through this website.