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Heavy Duty San Diego Towing

Heavy Duty Tow Trucks are used to transport the heavy haul vehicles that are not in a drivable condition. These heavy tow trucks are also known as recovery trucks, breakdown trucks and breakdown lorry. Heavy Duty tow trucks recover those vehicles also which have broken down because of equipment malfunction or an accident on the road. All heavy duty tow trucks have five basic towing tools and these are boom, hook and chain, wheel-lift, flatbed and self loader. Without these tools tow trucks cannot lift heavy vehicles, so these tools are necessary.

angelostowing.com is the top San Diego company that offers services of heavy duty tow trucks at affordable prices. We provide 24/7 services to the customers at any preferred location. The tow trucks are used at various places like police department, fire department, transportation authority, etc. At this store customers can find various of sizes in the tow trucks and they can call for a heavy duty tow truck which matches their requirement.

The heavy duty tow trucks provided by Angelo’s Towing contain a safety kit, which can be used in any emergency. This company is a member of AAA. We provide over 20 Heavy duty tow trucks such as:

2007 kenworth T-800 Century 9055 (capacity 50 Ton)
2008 Kenworth T-800 Century 7035 (capacity 35 Ton )
2010 kenworth T-800 Century sp850-xp (capacity 60 Ton)
2007 Peterbil T-335 Chevron 1016 (capacity 16 Ton)
2010 kenworth T-800 LANDOLL 440 (capacity 50 Ton)

angelostowing.com is the premier San Diego towing company and has been in the business of selling and manufacturing heavy duty tow trucks from last 16 years. This store offers variety of services including mobile battery replacement service, towing for all types of vehicles, whether it is cars or motorcycles, fuel delivery, tire repair or changes, medium or heavy towing service and many more. All the members of this store are well trained and it provide the best service to their customers. This store always welcomes the new clients and try to solve their queries in an efficient manner. For getting more information about the heavy duty towing & heavy duty tow trucks, please browse through our website.