Nashwan Habib, or as his friends call him, Nash, is the proud founder and owner of Angelo’s Towing, which has served the greater San Diego, California-area for over 20 years. Nashwan’s life has taken him across the world. Along the way, he has met tons of great people and realized how important it is to help others. One of the principal reasons he runs Angelo’s Towing is to help people and to make sure they and their property are safe and in good hands.

Nash was born in Iraq. In the years after the end of the first Gulf War, streams of refugees from Iraq were trying to get to the United States. Nashwan Habib was one of the lucky ones. Nash Habib had missed the conflict, leaving Iraq with his family when he was very young, ultimately making his way to Greece, a country known for easing refugees’ path to the U.S.

While Nash and his family appreciate Greece and their hospitality, like many migrants the world over, America was the ultimate destination. After applying to settle in the United States, his family’s application was accepted and they prepared for the next step, relocating to the United States.

Nash rmembers the day his family landed in the U.S. because it just so happened it was his 18th birthday: Dec. 17, 1992. For refugees fleeing war, there can be no greater gift than getting a new lease on life and a chance at prosperity. Nash had no education past elementary school, barely knew any English, and struggled with reading and writing. But what he did have was an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for helping others. Around the world, America is known as the land of opportunity, and for Nash and his family, that would certainly prove true.

Fast forward to today, and Nash is the President and CEO of Angelo’s Towing & Recovery. To this day, Angelo’s Towing is family-owned and operated. Nash is proud the firm is a reputable San Diego towing company with nearly 20 years of experience in the field. The professionals at Angelo’s Towing ensure that all customers are satisfied with their services and they make all efforts possible to cater to the needs of customers.

No matter the service provided or the situation, customer safety is always a top priority. Breakdowns and accidents are an unfortunate fact of life and driving. Through towing services, the team at Angelo’s strives to protect people and reduce the risk of further complications.

Nash and the entire Angelo’s Recovery team currently have a fleet of over 50 heavy tow trucks that are available twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Staff members are selected for both their mechanical and people skills. Every employee is provided guidance and training so that they can show up at the scene with not just the tools but also the skills needed to ensure that the job is done right.

Every truck can be monitored via satellite and quickly dispatched throughout San Diego and the surrounding cities through Angelo’s Towing’s 24/7 Customer Service Center. Nash understands what it means to get the help you need when you are in a tough spot. That is why Angelo’s Towing provides a wide array of services including Tire Repair, Fuel Delivery, Off-Road Recovery, On-Site Battery Replacement, Jump Start services, and Onsite lockout/unlock services. You name the tough situation on the road and Nash’s team has you covered.

At Angelo’s, the slogan is ‘Taken Care of As Soon As Possible”. No one wants to be stranded and the longer you’re stuck on the side of the road, the greater the risk of mishaps. The team at Angelo’s Towing puts the customer and their safety first. Each tow truck is dispatched as quickly as possible and will arrive with the tools needed to handle most jobs and situations. If complications arise, the Angelo’s Towing team will walk motorists through the problems so that resolutions can be formulated and executed quickly.

Life is full of challenges. Nash has traveled the world over and along the way, kind people have helped him and his family overcome and resolve any difficulties. Each staff member at Angelo’s Towing also has their own unique story. The same is true for stranded motorists as well. What’s important is coming together to resolve problems whatever they might be.