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Military members make sacrifices to secure the freedom that many of us take for granted. Sometimes a simple “thank you” doesn’t seem like enough to properly thank all military members for their service. This is why Angelo’s Towing is proud to offer a special discount to military members.


AAA Approved Towing Company

The world is not perfect and we understand that everyone has a mechanic problem with their car. We provide San Diego with elite and superior auto towing services. Here at Angelo’s Towing, we make sure you are taken care of a soon as possible. We provide services for thousands of customers and are proud to say that we are a AAA approved towing company. We have a 98% rate of customer satisfaction percentage! 


We Beat Prices Of Many Local Competitors Throughout San Diego County!

Off Road Recovery

Lots of chain and cable combined with a 10,000 lbs. hydraulic winch sometimes makes the difference if your vehicle becomes stuck. Sometimes it takes a four-wheel drive jeep for your recovery. We're ready. Please call for 24-hour roadside assistance.

Tire Repairs Changes

Tires can be repaired roadside. Obviously, some tire can't be repaired. The biggest problem is that people drive on their tire after it's gone flat. If we can find the nail or screw hole your tire could possibly be repaired

Fuel Delivery

Two gallons of fuel will be delivered to any location. Please call for 24-hour roadside assistance.

Jump Start Services

30 foot cables tow grade combined with dual batteries and a powerful alternator means these cables are hot! Please call for 24 hour roadside assistance.

Onsite Lockout / Unlock

Have you had someone try and open your car only to find car damage to your lock linkages or damage to the inside door panels or crease marks on your paint from using the wrong door wedge? We have an

Motorcycle Towing

We have the correct tie downs for your motorcycle. Different sizes of soft ties and the new Bar Harness tie downs for sport bikes. Try to keep the bed of the flatbed tow truck clean at all times. This is

Heavy Duty Towing Services

There's no comparison between Angelo’s Heavy Duty Towing Services and the typical, ordinary road service. Based in San Diego, Angelo's Towing is a premium towing company that offers quick and efficient Heavy Truck towing services.

Semi-Truck Towing

There's no comparison between Angelo’s Semi Truck Towing Services and the typical, ordinary road service. Based in San Diego, Angelo's Towing is a premium towing company that offers quick and efficient Semi Truck towing services.

Onsite Car Battery Replacement

We deliver and Install Mobile battery replacements services to your home, office or other preferred locations Free, accurate diagnostics testing Quick, professional installation High-quality, low-maintenance battery Exclusive AAA member discounted price 3-year, free replacements warranty valid throughout North America Environmentally

Recreational Vehicle (RV) Towing

There's no comparison between Angelo’s Recreational Vehicle (RV) Towing Services and the typical, ordinary road service. Based in San Diego, Angelo's Towing is a premium towing company that offers quick and efficient Recreational Vehicle (RV)towing services.

Medium and Heavy Towing

If someone is seriously hurt please call 911. If no person was seriously injured, please call for estimated time of arrival. Please have your location figured by getting an address or the street names of the nearest intersection. Think about

Flatbed Towing Services

When having other tow companies tow your car, many times people complain of damage to their car. This can happen many ways, even on a flatbed tow truck. We've been towing cars in San Diego using a rollback flatbed for


Angelo’s Towing Reviews Directly from Yelp!

      Definitely the least trained employees I've encountered! My $40,000 vehicle was considered total loss due to a member of AAA slamming into my car during my commute home. AAA sent Angelo's Towing service to pick up my car but I've only spoke with Michelle via phone to set up date and time for pick up. I requested for the driver to personally call me before he arrived so I can meet him at my car to hand him the keys in exchange for documents to prove that Angelo's Towing came on behalf of AAA.
    Unfortunately, no one called me. My car was towed without my presence. I reached out and left numerous messages for Michelle to email an invoice to me but she failed to do her job. The phone greeters and employess were incompetent. They couldn't assist me nor did they even tried. The only answers I ever received were NO NO NO. No one was helpful. Finally, when a AAA agent was able to speak with them 2 weeks later post incident, I now just received an invoice to prove that they came on behalf of AAA. How could anyone trust this company or rely on them for any assistance? I just signed on with AAA for my new auto insurance policy and will definitely not use Angelo's Towing for any future needs.

    thumb Lisa N.

      Car battery died, called AAA they dispatched Angelo's Towing to help me with my car.  Jorge arrived on the scene and introduced himself and began the process.  Jorge was professional, timely and resourceful.  He navigated the situation with precision, conversation and information that allowed for an excellent experience.  Thank you Jorge and Angelo's Towing for a job well done!!

    thumb Chris B.

      Scam company, I ran out of gas and was trying to get my car out of the road. I had no service so a sheriff called it in. I had someone on the way with fuel and was pushing it to the side. This company shows up hooks up and then tell me its gonna be $300. I tried everything I could saying I have AAA  isn't it a different rate, they said because i had no cell service and didn't place the call myself they wouldn't honor AAA pricing. They refused to release the car so I could gas in and leave. I called the manager they agreed to drop the car for $185, I had to get the money together and called back. They said the manager left for the day and left note they I have to pay the full amount and hourly sheriff charges. Needless to say I didn't have all this extra money they were now demanding and they impounded my car.

    thumb Joanna M.

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