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Angelo's Towing and Roadside Assistance in Virginia Beach, Virginia .  

Conveniently located in Suffolk, our roadside assistance offers the following services:

  • Fuel Delivery: Running out of fuel can be a difficult situation for any driver and a person can be stranded if there is no fueling station nearby. In such situations, Angelo’s Towing can help you in getting up to 2 gallons of fuel for your vehicle so that you can visit the nearest fueling station and get more fuel. 
  • Jump Start: Most people take for granted that their car engine is going to start up when they turn the key in the ignition. And sometimes it just doesn't start!  It's understandable that this is not a pleasant experience getting stuck in a garage, parking lot, your driveway or even a vacation destination in a remote area, it's just not pleasant!  In situations like these you need a car jump start service that's quick to respond. Angelo's Towing is always there to provide help quickly to jump your battery or transport your vehicle to an auto repair shop if something else is more involved. 
  • Battery Services and Replacement: Are you looking for a car battery service or replacemnt nearby? Then look no further than our Angelo's Towing! A dead battery can prove to be incredibly problematic. This can cause you to become stranded in the parking lot or even on the side of the road. Can you imagine how frightening it would be to find yourself stranded in the middle of the road during an out of town trip? Just remember that you are not alone. The technicians at Angelo's Towing can help you with all of your batter repair and replacement needs. 
  • Tire Repair and Replacement: The most annoying and unpleasant experience of driving is when you get a flat tire and you cannot repair it or don’t have a spare tire. In any of these cases you will need a help from an expert to get a tire repair service. Angelo’s Towing is a 24 hour service provider company and we can repair or change the damaged tire in a short span of time.
  • Lockout Service: Did you get locked out of your car?  If so you need a lockout service in Suffolk, Virginia.  You've come to the right place!  Angelo's Towing offers multiple car lockout services 24 hours a day! 
  • Car Towing: At Angelo's Towing, we provide an affordable and fast tow truck. Our huge fleet of towing trucks can offer the best towing assistance in the area. Each tow truck is designed to lift, haul, and transport cars from one place to a secure place. Certain issues can cause your car to be inoperable.  This is where the truck come in. The skilled technicians at Angelo's Towing can arrive at your location 24/7 and transport your vehicle to a desired location. 
  • Motorcycle Towing: Motorcycles breakdown too. They have engines and wheels just like cars do; therefore, they can be at the mercy of a tow, just like cars can. A motorcycle’s battery could die, a tire could go flat, and it could become damaged from an auto accident. That’s why it’s important to have a motorcycle towing company at the ready in case a struggle arises. Angelo's Towing is the ready to assist you in your motorcycle towing needs! 
  • Heavy Duty Towing: Heavy-duty vehicles break down… roll over…get stuck in a ditch or under a bridge. And all of a sudden, you have a heavy-duty problem that standard tow trucks just can’t handle. At Angelo's Towing, towing is what we do!  And we aren't just limited to one kind of towing!  We also do light towing, medium towing, and even car and motorcyle towing! Angelo's Towing  can provide the service you need. 
  • RV Towing: Since heavy duty vehicles cannot be carried on any tow truck, they require a special heavy duty tow truck to be carried from one place to the other. Angelo's Towing has a large variety of trucks that can help us help you tow your RV to where it needs to be. 
  • Off Road Recovery: There is always a possibility that you’ll feel the need to take your vehicle off road. It can be fun to drive through the mud every once in a while. Unfortunately, this can also be a little bit risky. If you’re not careful, you might get your vehicle stuck in the mud. Don’t worry! We’re here to help. If you happen to find your automobile stuck in a rut and you’re unable to push it out, you’ll want to get in touch with us. There is no reason to remain stuck in the mud. Plus, you should not risk blowing your motor trying to bully your way out. Our team will be able to free your vehicle within a short period of time. We have the tools needed to pull your vehicle out of the mud and get you back on the road.

Angelo's Suffolk Towing Service is conveniently located near Bridge Road (Highway 17) and Walden Road.  Norfold, Newsport News and Hampton are also a short drive away. 


Suffolk is located in Suffolk County, Virginia.

  • Population (approx.): 88,000
  • Geo coordinates: 36.7282°N, 76.5836°W
  • Postcodes: 23434, 23439, 23432, 23435, 23438, 23436, 23437


Things to Do and See In Suffolk

  • Nansemond-Suffolk Academy (near Pruden Boulevard and Robs Drive): An independent school in Suffolk, Virginia, founded in 1966.
  • WORJ-LP (near Pruden Boulevard and Biscayne Street): A Christian and Gospel music and Religious Teaching formatted broadcast radio station.
  • Nansemond National Wildlife Refuge: A National Wildlife Refuge of the United States located along the Nansemond River in Suffolk, Virginia. It is managed by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service as a satellite of Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge.
  • WHRO-FM (near Nansemond Parkway and Sportsman Boulevard):A Public Radio formatted broadcast radio station
  • WTKR (near Nansemond Parkway and Sportsman Boulevard): A television station licensed to Norfolkserving as the CBS Television Network affiliate for the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.
  • WTPC-TV (near Nansemond Parkway and Sportsman Boulevard): A religious television station in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
  • WHRV (near Nansemond Parkway and Sportsman Boulevard): A Public Radio formatted broadcast radio station licensed to Norfolk, Virginia, serving Hampton Roads. 
  • WTVZ-TV (near Nansemond Parkway and Sportsman Boulevard): A television station licensed to Norfolk, Virginia, USA, serving as the MyNetworkTV affiliate for the Hampton Roads area of Virginia 
  • WVBT (near Bennetts Pasture Road and Blair Brothers Road): A television station licensed to Virginia Beach, serving as the Fox affiliate for the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.


  • Hampton Roads Executive Airport
  • Chesapeake Regional Airport
  • Franklin Municipal Airport


  • Virginia State Route 125
  • U.S. Route 460 in Virginia
  • Interstate 295 (Delaware–Pennsylvania)
  • Interstate 664
  • U.S. Route 17

Bodies of Water

  • Nansemond River
  • James River
  • Elizabeth River

Nearby Towns and Suburbs

  • Portsmouth is 17 miles to the north-east.
  • Smithfield is 17 miles to the north.
  • Chesapeake is 18 miles to the east.
  • Norfolk is 18 miles to the north-east.

Secondary Schools

  • Western Branch High School
  • Churchland High School
  • King's Fork High School 
  • Deep Creek High School 
  • Nansemond River High School 
  • Matthew Fontaine Maury High School .
  • Lakeland High School
  • Great Bridge High School
  • John F. Kennedy Middle School 
  • King's Fork Middle School


  • Tidewater Community College - Chesapeake Campus 
  • Tidewater Community College - Portsmouth Campus 
  • Eastern Va Medical Schoo
  • Norfolk State University
  • Paul D Camp Community College 


  • Norfolk Scope Arena 
  • Powhatan Field 
  • Harbor Park Stadium 
  • William "Dick" Price Stadium 
  • S.B. Ballard Stadium 
  • Colon L. Hall Stadium 


  • Chrysler Museum of Art which is on 1 Memorial Place, Norfolk.
  • African Art Gallery which is on 700 Park Avenue, Norfolk.
  • Nauticus which is on 1 Waterside Drive, Norfolk.
  • USS Wisconsin BB-64 which is on 1 Waterside Drive, Norfolk.
  • Hampton Roads Naval Museum which is on 1 Waterside Drive #248, Norfolk.
  • Hermitage Museum and Gardens which is on 7637 North Shore Road, Norfolk.
  • MacArthur Memorial Museum which is on 198 Bank Street, Norfolk.
  • Portlock Galleries At Sono which is on 3815 Bainbridge Boulevard, Chesapeake.
  • Railroad Museum of Virginia which is on Harbor Center Way, Portsmouth.


  • Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge which is on 3120 Desert Road, Suffolk.
  • Gracie's Garden which is on 104 U.S. 258, Franklin.
  • Bells Mill Park which is on 424 Albemarle Drive, Chesapeake.
  • Windsor Castle Park which is on 705 Cedar Street, Smithfield.
  • Portsmouth City Park which is on Cpl J M Williams Avenue, Portsmouth.
  • Bea Arthur Dog Park which is on 501 Front Street, Norfolk.